TECA – Selected triterpenes

Name: TECA (Titrated Extract of Centella Asiatica)
N° CAS: 84696-21-9
N° CTFA:  
Titration: Asiaticoside 36%-44%
Free genines (Asiatic acid & madecassic acid) 54%-66%

Titrated extract of centella asiatica - molecular structure hand drawn



TECA, also called Selected Centella Triterpenes, is a highly purified extract, fractioned and enriched in triterpenic acid and triterpenic sugar ester fractions to reach about 40% of asiaticoside and about 60% of the triterpenic genins (asiatic acid and madecassic acid).

The purification steps are extreme and involve chemical treatments that remove the herbal matrix so that the final extract is a recombination of a highly refined extract with an isolated constituent and the natural proportion of the components is not maintained.


TECA properties

TECA biological activities show to be efficient in 3 main domains :

– Improve microcirculation mainly by reinforcing vessels’ walls. This characteristic permits also to reduce Oedema.

– Promote dermis reconstruction by stimulating collagen I synthesis and protecting against matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).

– Act on stretchmarks reduction and prevention.


TECA applications

– Medical use (venous Insufficiency 1 2 , venous hypertensive angiopathy 3 4, airline flight microangiopathy 5 ;

– Cosmetic application (0.5% for recommended dosage):

  • Dermis reconstruction
  • Microcirculation activation
  • Stretchmarks prevention & Treatment
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin repair


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