Name: Madecassoside
N° CAS: 34540-22-2
N° CTFA:  7641
N° EINECS: 252-076-1
Titration: 40%-95%





One of the main compounds purified from Centella asiatica total extract (Gotu Kola), Madecassoside is a natural and vegetable active ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties.

In countless tests, it has been proven that Madecassoside demonstrates a significant anti-inflammatory activity upon chronic skin inflammations. For one thing, it regulates IL1, IL8, PGE2 and SKALP (skin anti­leuco protease). For another, it normalises any disturbed proliferation of the keratinocytes and so, protects the cells against further inflammatory processes. The balance in the epidermis is restored. With the increase in collagen I and III synthesis, it also leads to a restructuring of the extracellular matrix of the dermis.


Madecassoside properties

– Anti-inflammatory: Modulation of epidermal inflammation reactions

– Regulating: Desensitisation of the keratinocytes, reduction of keratinocyte proliferation. Reducing the activity of enzymes (matrix metallo proteins – MMPs) that contribute to the breakdown of the skin’s matrix or framework

– Restructuring: Restructuring of the extracellular matrix of the dermis, stimulation of synthesis of collagen types I and III.

Madecassoside application

Thanks to its properties listed above, Madecassoside is successfully used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. As pharmaceutical ingredients it is mainly used in creams for skin treatment (e.g. psoriasis). When used topically, it has been shown to enhance wound healing and help clear chronic skin lesions. It increases the production of collagen during wound healing and also tends to increase the strength of the deposited collagen.

Cosmetic application

– Skin damaged by aggressive environmental influence

– Sensitive and very sensitive skin

– Skin prematurely aged by sun exposure, dry rooms or generally accelerated skin ageing

– After sun care

– Dry skin


Application concentration: 0.1 ­ 0.2 %


Technical Data Sheet

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