Asiatic Acid

Name: Asiatic Acid
N° CAS: 464-92-6
N° CTFA: 6661
Titration: 40%-95%



Natural and vegetable active compound, Asiatic Acid is a pentacyclic triterpenoid isolated from Centella Asiatica.


Asiatic acid’s properties:

– Antiseptic: Anti-bacterial and potentially anti-fungal;

– Anti free radical: Anti-oxidizing and anti free radical protection;

– Dermis reconstruction: Stimulates the collagens synthesis and improvement of the keratinization functionality;

– Anti-aging: Reinforcing the bio-mechanic properties of mature skins.

Asiatic acid’s applications:

This amazing compound has a myriad of biological effects giving to it strong potential applications in Cosmetic, Medicine and Foor industries.

Asiatic acid has anti-inflammatory activity, antioxidant, it can protect against UVA induced photo-aging and it is a potent stimulator of collagen synthesis and by extension improves the body’s ability to heal wounds.

This compound makes for a versatile active suitable for a wide range of cosmetic applications,

Cosmetic application:

– Skin damaged by aggressive environmental influence

– Sensitive and very sensitive skin

– Skin prematurely aged by sun exposure, dry rooms or generally accelerated skin ageing

– Sun cares

– Dry skin


Application concentration: 0.5 %


Technical Data Sheet

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