Madecassic Acid

Name: Madecassic Acid
N° CAS: 18449-41-7
Titration: 60%-90%



One of the three triterpenes isolated from Centella asiatica. Its wound healing property has been attributed to its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis.


Madecassic acid’s properties:

- Anti-inflammatory: Modulation of epidermal inflammation reactions

- Regulating: Desensitisation of the keratinocytes, reduction of keratinocyte proliferation. Reducing the activity of enzymes (matrix metallo proteins – MMPs) that contribute to the breakdown of the skin’s matrix or framework

- Restructuring: Restructuring of the extracellular matrix of the dermis, stimulation of synthesis of collagen types I and III.

Madecassic acid’s applications:


Cosmetic applications:

- Skin damaged by aggressive environmental influence

- Sensitive and very sensitive skin

- Skin prematurely aged by sun exposure, dry rooms or generally accelerated skin ageing

- After sun care

- Dry skin

Application concentration: 0.5 %


Technical Data Sheet

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