Centella and its Cosmetic applications

Collagen synthesis stimulating activity

The active ingredients of Centella asiatica have shown to have modulating properties on the development and metabolism of connective tissue.

Centella asiatica has been documented to aid wound healing in several scientific studies. One of the primary mechanisms of action of this plant appears to be the stimulation of type-1 collagen production. Animal studies have consistently shown topical application of Centella asiatica to a sutured wound significantly increased the breaking strength of the wound.

Thus, selected triterpenes of Centella asiatica may help to improve wound repair with a better re-epithelialisation and a normalisation of perivascular connective tissue allowing an improvement of the venous wall tone and elasticity.


Activity on vascular tone

Rigorous clinical investigation of Centella asiatica has been conducted on chronic venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Centella has the potential to enhance connective tissue integrity, elevate antioxidant levels in wound healing, and improve capillary permeability.

Mucoploysaccharides are one of the main components of the amorphous cellular matrix (ground substance) that maintains vascular integrity. The biochemical action of Centella extract was shown to reduce serum levels of lysosomal enzymes involved in the degradation of mucopolysaccharides considering as an evidence of the positive effect of Centella extract on the pathogenesis of varicose veins.

According to the different studies done we can consider that Centella extract is recommendable to formulate cosmetic products with vessel protection, venotonic and anti-cellulite activities.


Antioxidant activity

Several studies have shown that oral treatment with extracts of Centella Asiatica can improve the activities of antioxidant enzymes and slow down the oxidative stress process.

Thus, Centella Asiatica extract is recommendable to formulate cosmetic products for the protection of skin and hair against oxidative processes.



Effects/Uses table


Cosmetic Uses

Stimulates healing of wounds, sores, eczema, ulcers, infected cuts & other skin ailments 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,13  

Stimulates collagen synthesis 12  

Prevention of scarring 3

Treatment of keyloid & hypertrophied scars 3,13

Anti-inflammatory 2,3,4,7

Anti-irritant 6,7

Soothing 6

Analgesic 4

Product dedicated for damaged and chapped skin

After sun creams 6

Promotes keratinisation and healthy growth of the recticulo-endothelium (skin & underlying connective tissue)

Improves tensile strength of tissue, when applied topically 4,7,9

Skin care especially anti-ageing products and products for mature skins

Eye contour creams

Antiseptic 6  

Cleansing wounds 2,8  

Purifying 6

Anti-acne products and products for blemished, problem & adolescent skins
Anti-cellulite 13  

Anti-oedema 6  

Diuretic 2,7

Circulatory stimulant 14

Peripheral vasodilator 6

Anti-cellulite, skin firming and contouring products & creams for massage & “heavy legs”
Skin smoothing 6  

Tonic 8

Bath & shower products



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